Words. Action. Impact.


Our Mission

Providing the highest level of experience for every job.

Most of the key work done on every project will be performed directly or overseen by a senior director or an equivalently experienced subject matter expert to ensure you get the highest value input and attention to your issues.


Providing consulting across a spectrum of ways for the most flexibility. 

From in-person, on-site consulting to virtual/tele-consulting, Strat3 LLC can provide your organization support to meet your needs and specific circumstances.  From risk and crisis management, risk assessments, crisis communication, brand and preparedness audits to community relations and stakeholder outreach we can help you plan and engage for maximum effect.


Providing capacity building and improving your in-house teams. 

Our goal is to ensure your own staff can handle whatever events or incidents occur by working closely with them to develop the plans, identify and address capability gaps and exercise response processes and plans.  During a crisis, your team needs to be prepared and confident in their efforts, not learning how to deal with an incident for the first time.  We provide team training, executive media training, incident communications planning and crisis exercise facilitation.


Bob Jensen

Senior Managing Director

Bob brings more than 34 years of experience with strategy development, risk and crisis management and response and crisis communication operations on the national and international level.

John Callahan, PhD

Senior Director for

Research and Analysis

A public affairs analyst and professor of political science, John brings deep expertise in strategic planning and analysis, public affairs and strategic communication, decision making and framing processes, exercises, and wargame development.

Turning words into action to achieve the right impact to meet your goals.


Strat3 LLC is a consulting firm that focuses on three major critical management and communication areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Engagement
  • Strategic Response


Virtual teaming and partnerships with other firms in the risk and crisis management, crisis communication and media production areas allows for just in time teams while keeping overhead and other costs in check.

To meet growing international demand for high-level critical communication consulting services, Strat3 LLC is partnering with major crisis communication firms in Europe, Asia and the Australasian regions. 

Based out of the Washington DC area, Strat3 LLC is positioned to be able to connect quickly with clients and partner firms in person or virtually anywhere in the world.


helping prepare your organization to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Paul Tyson

Senior Director for International Affairs

A former Foreign Service Officer, Paul brings extensive expertise in counter-terrorism, counter-piracy, rule of law, anti-corruption and international energy issues.