helping prepare your organization to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


Words. Action. Impact.


We go beyond providing you plans based on theory.  Ours are based on experience from the field and knowing what works and doesn't work on a national and international level.  Experience gained by being part of the team developing the strategy and then leading the implementation on the ground for major events including conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, responses to the Haiti earthquake, Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Hurricane Sandy.

Communication Plans that aren't comprehensive and don't cover all stakeholders will inevitably fail.

We provide a 360 degree approach that will ensure you are prepared.



Experience  gained by doing



Strat3 LLC will continue to build on the experience of its team and will share lessons learned and best practices as well as good reads and great ideas we come across through this site and our future blogs and e-bulletins.


Strat3 LLC is green, lean, flexible, internationally focused and committed to paying it forward through pro bono support to select non-profits and universities.